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Travel agent contact

Please read carefully when you book.

Event contract rules

The event contracts between Pokekaru Club and customers are based on this rules. Rules which is not included here are based on general institution.

Booking and conclusion

Chapter 1

  1. 1,Customers who book events have to tell us event code, title of events, dates, name, phone number.
  2. 2,We make a contract with customers when we send customers the notice of agreement and customers pay by the due date of your payment.
    Even if you pay after the due date of your payment, we do not make a contract with customers.
  3. 3,We send customers an itinerary and issue tickets as a proof of agreement.

Refuse contracts

Chapter 2 We refuse contracts as the follows.

  1. 1,Pre-school children do not join.
  2. 2,When the event is occupied.
  3. 3,When participants give somebody trouble.
  4. 4,When customers are related to gangsters.
  5. 5,When customers are judged as a person who is not appropriate by us.

Change of event contract

Chapter 3 Customers understand the following about application of events.

  1. 1,All images in our magazine are just examples.
  2. 2,Menu in our magazine is different depending on the day.
  3. 3,The dates in our magazine are not always held.
  4. 4,The itineraries and areas may be changed.
  5. 5,Depending on the circumstances, the time in our magazine may be changed.
  6. 6,The casts may be changed because of various reasons.
  7. 7,You can not choose seats in a theater.

Cancel a contract

Chapter 4 We cancel event contracts regardless before and after we make a contract by explains to customers as following.

  1. 1,A party to a contract is not enough age of tour you choose.
  2. 2,A party to a contract can not stand because he is sick and needs a caregiver.
  3. 3,A party to a contract give somebody trouble.
  4. 4,A party to a contract demand a responsibility to us too mush than rational extent.
  5. 5,We can not collect people to run the tour.
  6. 6,The tour may be canceled because of a cataclysm, war, a disturbance, the orders of the governments, and so on.

Contacts of cancellation and changing for contracts

Chapter 5

  1. 1,We contact you to tell cancellation and changing. As a rule of Chapter 4-5, we contact you 3 days before.
  2. 2,In the case of preceding clause, we can not reach you even if we call you, and it is valid for us to cancel and change our tour. We do not have a legal responsibility for the loss.

Change and cancel tickets and refund

Chapter 6

  1. 1,After a contract between customers and us comes into effect, you can not change and cancel at any reasons. We can not re-issue tickets.
  2. 2,We do not refund except from Chapter 4-5, 4-6.

Prohibited acts

Chapter 7

  1. 1,You must not sell and give third parties for commercial purposes.
  2. 2,You must not sell for higher price than the cost price. You must not sell in auction.
  3. 3,In the case of the above, the tickets you bought are invalid. We do not refund and you can not join the events.
  4. 4, We do not have a responsibility of troubles of ticket tout.

Personal information

Chapter 8

  1. 1,We use your personal information we get to manage events and offer service and give to vendor.
  2. 2,Please read our private policy in our site carefully.

Jurisdiction by agreement

Chapter 9

  1. 1,When we hold a court with customers, an agreement jurisdiction court is a district court which controls our head office.

Caution when booking

We can not refund after events contract come into effect, so please understand the detail of the events well and book. Please pay by the due date of your payment. If you do not pay by the day, we may cancel your booking.

Journey stipulation (The point)    ※The full text is HERE.

Caution when booking

Travel conditions are based on the following, conditions of each tours, itineraries, and our journey stipulation. Please contact us if you would like our journey stipulation.

Booking tours

  1. 1,You can book by call, mail, FAX, Internet and so on.
  2. 2,You have to pay by 7 days before from the day of the tour.

Refuse contracts

  1. When customers are related to gangsters.

Contract formation and itineraries

  1. 1,When we approve the contract and receive the total of the tour cost, our contract is done. And when we receive the total or a part of the tour cost from a representative of the group, our contract is done.
  2. 2,In the case of a bank transfer, after completion of a bank transfer, our contract is done.
  3. 3,We send your itineraries by the day before the tour. If you book from 7 days before onward, you may receive an itineraries on that day.

Cancellation and refund of contracts by customers

  1. 1,You can cancel contracts by paying cancellation fee.
    (The cancellation day is based on the day when you request in our operating hours.)
    The cancellation day Cancellation fees(1person)
    The tours 7 days to 2 days before 30%
    The tours The day before 40%
      The meeting time before 50%
    Cancellation and No-show after the tour starts 100%

    After the contract comes into in cancellation day, when you change the number of people, dates and courses, you have to pay cancellation fees.

    Please cancel by call when you cancel and change.

  2. 2, You do not have to pay cancellation fees to cancel tours in the case of the following. In case of that, we refund within 1 week since you request to cancel.

    [1]When contractual coverage is changed. The detail is only based on Chapter 13 ”Changing when you have to pay compensation to change.”

    [2]When we increase the total amount of the tour cost.

    [3]When we do not send an itineraries to customers by the day before.

    [4]When we can not carry on as an itineraries because of our company.

Cancellation and refund of contracts by us before the tour starts

  1. 1, If we do not receive travel expenses by the due date of your payment, we cancel your tour. In this case, you have to pay cancellation fees.
  2. 2, When the minimum passenger count is not enough, we cancel the tour. In this case, we contact 4 days before and refund money you already paid.

Responsibility for customers

  1. 1,When we do damage to customers intentionally, we compensate them for loss. However, they should report the loss within 2 years.
  2. 2,We pay within the limit of 150,000 except from negligence when you report within 14 days about damage of your luggage.
    ※However, we do not have responsibility in the case of a natural calamity and the cancellation of transportation.

Responsibility of customers

You should compensate us for loss when you do damage to us intentionally.
You have to use information we offer and understand the rights, duties in your itineraries and the details of the contracts well. You have to report to us soon if you know your itineraries you have already are different from actual schedule after your tour starts.

Special compensation

Based on the special compensation in our journey stipulation, if you receive damage to your life, body and your luggage by an accident during your trip, we may pay compensation for death, compensation for aftereffect, ex-gratia payment for hospitalization and ambulatory, and damage for luggage except from food poisoning.

If you are gangsters, we sometimes refuse to pay the special compensation.

Travel guarantee

  1. 1,We pay compensation for changing within 30 days in the case we change “Changing when you have to pay compensation to change”
    (Please refer to the contracts about Changing when you have to pay compensation to change and rates of compensation for changing)However, except from the following.
  2. a.A natural calamity

    b.The disturbances of war


    d.The order of the public agency

    e.Cancellation of transportation

    f.Offer of transportation we do not plan

    g.Safety for lives of customers

  3. 2,We pay within the limits of 15% for 1 tour, but we do not pay under 1,000 yen.
  4. 3.We sometimes compensate you by offering the travel service with your agreement not but money.
  5. Day-Trip Hotspring Rules of cancellation

    If you cancel on that day, you may pay the total of cancellation fees.

    Information in our site
    1. All images in our site are just examples.
    2. Menu in our site is different depending on the day.
    3. The dates in our site are not always held.
    4. The itineraries and areas may be changed.
    5. Depending on the circumstances, the time in our site may be changed.
    6. The casts may be changed because of various reasons.
    7. You can not choose seats in a theater.
    8. Please check by call of Internet to inquire the conditions of vacant seats.

    About the final itineraries, please check our site or magazines even if we do not contact you.


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